Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Gold Record

This week’s Gold Record finds a flip in the relative costs of goods, with Alliance goods coming in cheaper than Horde goods for the first time in two weeks. The two averages are less than 10 points apart, with Horde goods averaging 102 points and Alliance goods averaging 93.

On the Alliance side, Copper Ore has dropped slightly to 80 points, continuing its downward trend. Tin Ore, Linen Cloth and Wool Cloth have all had dramatic reversals, dropping nearly 80, 200 and 140 points respectively from last week (leaving them at 42, 71 and 55 points). Balancing these dramatic drops, both Mithril Ore and Mageweave Cloth are up from last week, Mithril Ore rising nearly 50 points to 125 and Mageweave Cloth climbing 65 points to 165. Finally, Netherweave Cloth has continued with its mild market, at 76 points this week.

On the Horde auction house, Copper Ore continues its mild trend at 86 points. At 47 points, Linen Cloth continues to be in low demand for the third week in a row. With prices nearly identical to the Alliance auction houses, Netherweave Cloth has also been mild at 76 points. Despite these continuing low trends, demand has recently increased prices for Mithril Ore, Fel Iron Ore and Runecloth (at 119, 157, and 136 points respectively).

Jason Coleman has recorded auction house values for both Horde and Alliance. He has monitored many of the raw trade goods (common ores and cloth) that are constantly on the auction houses, employing them as an indicator of market health. Taking averages from his data, each material has been given a value of 100 points (or percent) and is analyzed based on deviation from this value. Continuing each week, the Shadow Council Strider will post his analyses in this article, the Gold Record.