Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Gold Record

This week’s Gold Record finds Horde prices dropping back towards the median, although Alliance goods have spiked to a ten-week high. Horde goods have dropped fourteen points since last week’s averages (dropping from 118 points to 104), whereas Alliance goods have dramatically risen (rising from 90 points to 116 points). This week’s averages reveal one of the unusual weeks where Horde goods average cheaper than Alliance goods.

Alliance goods were in high demand this week, with nearly every good coming in above the average value. Some materials, such as Copper Ore and Fel Iron Ore, were only barely above the average (107 and 105 points, respectively), but several materials were well above that. Iron Ore, Mithril Ore, Linen Cloth and Mageweave Cloth were all much higher than normal (152, 145, 148 and 185 points, respectively), each seeing steep increases versus last week’s averages (Linen Cloth, especially, has risen, going from a mere 42 points last week up to this week’s 148 points). Despite these high-demand items, Tin Ore has been continuing its low streak, dropping 15 points to a mere 30 points this week.

Horde goods have dropped since last week’s averages, with some of last week’s most dramatic prices reigning in. Netherweave Cloth has dropped 133 points from last week, down to a reasonable 92 points this week. Silk Cloth continues strong, at 150 points, and Wool Cloth has also seen a spike in demand, back up to 130 points. Despite the high demand for both Wool and Silk Cloth, Linen Cloth has come in fairly low at 45 points.

Editor’s Note: Jason Coleman has recorded auction house values for both Horde and Alliance. He has monitored many of the raw trade goods (common ores and cloth) that are constantly on the auction houses, employing them as an indicator of market health. Taking averages from his data, each material has been given a value of 100 points (or percent) and is analyzed based on deviation from this value. Continuing each week, the Shadow Council Strider will post his analyses in this article, the Gold Record.