Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Gold Record

This week’s Gold Record finds continuing elevated prices during peak play times, although prices have relaxed slightly since last week. Both Horde and Alliance auction houses are down roughly 4 points from last week, although they both do still sit slightly above the average value of goods.

On the Alliance side, prices are generally down. Last week’s high prices on both Mithril Ore and Mageweave Cloth have returned to normal values, at 78 and 100 points respectively. Demand for Linen Cloth has continued strong, actually increasing since last week (up 130 points from last week, at 271 points). The great deals on Tin Ore have also dried up, as Tin Ore prices have risen nearly 90 points to 121 points. Both Fel Iron Ore and Netherweave Cloth have been going for relatively low prices (64 and 71 points, respectively), and both are down since last week.

On the Horde side, trends have mostly continued since last week, although they have shown signs of growing milder. Last week’s highest prices (Wool and Silk Cloth) have both dropped much closer to the 100 mark, at 105 and 102 points respectively. Copper Ore is currently going for below the average (at 89 points), but Tine Ore has risen to 147 points. The lowest price on the Horde auction house is currently Linen Cloth, continuing low from last week. Despite its current low value, it has actually risen 12 points since last week, clocking in at 57 points.

Jason Coleman has recorded auction house values for both Horde and Alliance. He has monitored many of the raw trade goods (common ores and cloth) that are constantly on the auction houses, employing them as an indicator of market health. Taking averages from his data, each material has been given a value of 100 points (or percent) and is analyzed based on deviation from this value. Continuing each week, the Shadow Council Strider will post his analyses in this article, the Gold Record.