Friday, August 3, 2007

Blizzcon Blog: Looking Ahead

Editor's Note: Reporter Michael Georges is on the scene at Blizzcon in Anaheim, Calif. He sent this live update Thursday. Stay tuned Friday night and Saturday for more updates from the floor as Blizzcon progresses!

ANAHEIM, Calif.--The opportunity to come to BlizzCon 2007 is not to be missed and this reporter is EXCITED! Arriving in the Anaheim area, it is immediately obvious who controls this zone of the greater Los Angeles area...the Mouse. With convention center and Disneyland within 1/2 mile of each other, the area is humming with an ebb and flow of activity and the opportunity for extreme fun abounds.

As one approaches the convention center, you immediately see Blizzard's giant banners proclaiming BlizzCon and inside, even more massive banners with Illidan, scenes from Starcraft and Warcraft with corporate sponsors such as AT&T, NVidia, and Cicso readily appearant. Even the night before the doors open, there are several hundred people in the atrium and an army of Blizzard employees. Registration was quick and easy, the grab bag filled with WoW and Starcraft goodies - from buttons to coasters, magnets and bookmarks, offers from sponsors, the WoW Trading Card Game and a WoW t-shirt from Jinx clothing. And last of all, the coveted Murloc Suit card allowing your WoW character to don a murloc costume, and beta test a future Blizz release.../dance.

Coming Friday - Starcraft II, the showfloor, panels and more!