Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Review: Teenage Gnomelock Superstars

The Vitals:
Teenage Gnomelock Superstars was shot and produced by Amalie and Rabbly, set to (My First) Big Break by Cut Chemist.

Story: 2/5
There's not much of a story to this video. It seems to revolve entirely around homage to a pair of young, short demon mistresses and their abilities. I wasn't exactly bouncing in my chair or going for the Kleenex. That being said, in two and a half minutes, you don't always need a compelling story. I was pretty entertained just watching the little ladies get their Shadow on.

Text and Titles: 4/5
Clean text, not too many lines per screen, subtle effects on the type: All bonuses. The bouncing effect made it a touch hard to read at time. Spunky and well-timed to the music. Nicely done, gnome ladies.

Camera and Effects: 4/5
Special effects in the footage itself were pretty minimal. A few short scenes show Rabbly and Amalie in bright light and soft focus, highlighting their "not evil" side. The camera work is smooth and used to great effect, only rough in a very few spots. In-game effects, like the hearts that appear when you're taming or being tamed, were nicely chosen and well-used.

Music and Editing: 5/5
I'm not a drooling fan of the music Rabbly and Amalie chose, but I have to admit that it's not obnoxious and matched the video well. Moreover, the edits matched the timing perfectly. Gomelocks moves well, never staying on one scene long enough to bore but not jumping from scene to scene like a gut-twisting Michael Bay movie, either. All in all, the video was skillfully created.

Overall Score: 4/5
Well done!

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About the Author:
E.D. Lindquist is a multimedia consultant for a newspaper association. She has produced video for a major daily newspaper and helped to create standards for online production throughout California.

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