Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Events this week: Diamond unveiling

This week some unique role-playing events are open to Shadow Council players. The Strider talked to each of the organizers to see what they’re all about.

Unveiling of the “Blue Badger” (Updated)
When: 8 p.m. server time Thursday, July 19 (Updated)
Where: Ironforge Explorer’s League Museum
Organizer: Nicholai of the Meddlers

Thanks to this totally not fake newspaper article, Alliance characters know the valuable “Blue Badger” diamond will be unveiled at the museum in Ironforge Thursday evening.

Anyone is invited to attend and play into what Nicholai’s player calls “an evening of intrigue and tongue-in-cheek humor.”

From the organizer: “Who can steal the gem? Let's be honest - any self-respecting thief that read The Jeweler's Times and thought the Blue Badger was a real and priceless jewel without any sort of defense to speak of probably needs to hang up their lock picking tools. It's a fairly obvious trap.”

Carces Magister, the character organizing the event, is a scoundrel and jewelcrafter who dislikes being stolen from. After a very large crate of jewels was stolen from the Meddler’s shop, he decided to get even with the thief. “Not everyone gets even with a dagger in their hand, however,” Nicholai said.

The organizer said thieves are welcome to try to steal the gem, but he warns, “I very much doubt, however, that the thief in question will be entirely pleased with their prize...”

Opalissa DeLadrier’s Birthday Bash
When: 7 p.m. server time, Friday, July 13
Where: Stormwind Keep gardens
Organizer: Opalissa of the Meddlers

Dress is formal at this Alliance dance. No gifts are necessary, and anyone is invited.

“I decided that Opalissa's birthday and age would coincide with my own,” her player said about the event. Opalissa and her player both turn 26 this week.

Opalissa hosts parties in the World of Warcraft every few months, and used to host in-game parties every month. “It’s easier to do (parties) online than in real life, because there's no setup or anything for it,” her player said. “We just show up, do what we have to do, and that's it.”

Opalissa still needs volunteers to act as door announcers and guards. You can sign up to help out here, or contact Opalissa with an in-game letter. Volunteers will be paid.

The Laughing Zevrah (Recurring weekly)
When: 7 p.m. server time, Thursday, July 12
Where: The Laughing Zevrah Tavern, Ratchet
Organizer: Khabiba

The Laughing Zevrah is a player-run tavern, designed to be a roleplaying hot spot. According to the organizer, “It is open for anyone, including the occasional Alliance.”

Khabiba began running the tavern when Tundrarunner stopped. It has been a Horde-side roleplaying hot spot for Shadow Council players for nearly two years.
--L. Waymire

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