Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Gold Record

This week, auction house values are returning to normal, with the larger Alliance population inspiring more competition and thus slightly lower prices for basic goods than are seen on Horde auction houses. Current values place Alliance Average Goods Value at 90% mean values, whereas the Horde Average Goods Value is currently at 103% mean values.

On the Alliance side, surprisingly low demand for both Tin Ore and Netherweave Cloth have worked to drive down the average, although an increasingly strong demand for Adamantite Ore has been keeping the average up. The demand for Runecloth, while still well above normal, has taken a slight drop over last week’s values.

Making a dramatic change, Iron Ore on the Horde auction house has nearly tripled in price over the past week. This is most likely indicative of a short, high demand burst of need (such as a small group of high level individuals changing to a profession that needs iron ore to skill up) and is not likely to set a long lasting trend (although prices will likely remain inflated above the mean value for several weeks to come). Despite the current high value of Iron Ore, low demand for both Copper Ore (which was inflated last week) and Linen Cloth have worked to keep the Horde Average Goods Value in line with typical numbers.

Jason Coleman monitors auction house values for common ores and cloth each week on both Horde and Alliance markets, employing these values as an indicator of market health.

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