Friday, September 21, 2007

The Gold Record

This week’s Gold Record finds continuing low average prices for both Horde and Alliance auction houses. Horde average prices have risen 6 points from last week, but are still slightly low at 96 points, whereas Alliance average prices have fallen 6 points from last week, landing at 85 points. This continues a four-week trend for the Alliance being a buyer’s market and is the second concurrent week of buyer’s market for the Horde.

On the Alliance side, there were a couple of sharp increases in prices of goods. Both Iron Ore and Runecloth are up (40 and 32 points respectively), bringing both up above the 100-point mark. Countering the affects of these two increases, Linen Cloth, Silk Cloth and Mageweave Cloth have all dropped (58, 50 and 26 points respectively) from last week’s high values, each residing in the 85-100 point range. Fel Iron Ore continues to be very low demand (at 53 points) and a supply of very low-priced Wool Cloth has registered at 59 points.

On the Horde side, metal has been in high demand. Rising prices for Copper Ore, Tin Ore and Fel Iron Ore have raised the average value of Horde goods this week (rising 31, 36 and 24 points respectively). This was a mostly corrective action, as the rise brought Copper Ore to 99 points and Fel Iron Ore to 89, although Iron Ore has inflated to 126 points. Despite the aforementioned rises, Mithril Ore, Runecloth and Netherweave Cloth have all been in low demand. Mithril Ore has dropped 38 points from last week’s already low value, landing at 40 points. Netherweave and Runecloth have both corrected from last week’s high value, dropping 23 and 45 points to land at 91 and 83 points respectively.

Jason Coleman has recorded auction house values for both Horde and Alliance since April 2007. He has monitored many of the raw trade goods (common ores and cloth) that are constantly on the auction houses, employing them as an indicator of market health. Taking averages from his data, each material has been given a value of 100 points (or percent) and is analyzed based on deviation from this value. Continuing each week, the Shadow Council Strider will post his analyses in this article, the Gold Record.